Very Busy Practitioner

Very Busy Practitioner (VBP) 

This is only for candidates taking the exam in Florida

The VBP program is designed for the Very Busy Practitioner who does not want to deal with the many hours of preparation necessary to organize and plan collecting all the instruments necessary or for those candidates that do not have the instruments as required. 
Dental Board Preps will lease you nearly all the instruments necessary for practice and for the examination. As you will read in the candidate guide and instructions you are required to have several large and expensive items including but not limited to: triturator, curing light, 1 set of burs, a special model and blood pressure cuff. These are included with your leasing package. NO HAND PIECES OR CAVITRONS will be included.

In addition you receive your own amalgamator which provides you the benefit of not having to share with others at the exam and more important knowing that the settings will not be changed or altered and that your settings for properly triturating your amalgam will always be accurate.

Please inquire with our dental licensing consultant regarding a list of leased instruments provided.
We will be happy to e-mail you the list to help you make a decision if you need to register for VBP.
Please note High and Low speed hand pieces, Cavitron and disposables are not provided in this package.