Study Guides - Law Study Manual


The Laws and Rules section of the Florida Dental Examination statistically has had a high failure rate. This is probably due to the technical nature of the laws, large volume of material to be memorized, and a lack of experience dealing with this type of material.

FDBP, Inc. has prepared a Study Manual for the Florida Laws. It is an abridged version of the Law Book in a format that is easy to read and understand. A separate page is included listing the “must know” sections.
You also receive a 40 question self test. We urge you to start early as we recommend that a minimum of 40-60 hours total preparation time is necessary.

We also offer a copy of Florida's latest available Laws and Rules. This document is usually not forwarded to candidates until 3-6 weeks prior to the examination date.

You can view it online at: and print your own.

The Laws and Rules is a document covering all of the Florida Dental Laws and Rules from which each candidate will be tested. You are required to memorize nearly this entire document. It should be used in conjunction with our Law Study Manual for optimum benefit.