Complete Suggested Model Order

Complete Suggested Model Package:

Each candidate performs a prosthodontic procedure consisting of three different crown preparations and two endodontic procedures on a typodont.  This typodont is a Columbia Dentoform Inc. model #860series. 
In Florida at the current time candidates must purchase and bring a new model to the examination. 

Your model needs will depend on whether you take the exam in Florida. 
Taking the exam in Florida requires you to purchase two models.  One is for practice at our course and the second is for the exam. 

For candidates taking the exam outside of Florida NERB provides you with the model at the examination.
If you are taking the exam outside of Florida you
These are the required manikin procedures that you will perform at the exam:

1. A full crown preparation on tooth # 19
2. A porcelain to metal preparation on tooth #21
3. An all ceramic preparation on tooth #9
4. A complete endodontic procedure on tooth #8
5. Access opening for tooth #3

We have created a suggested order list with the only difference is the need for the extra model.  Our complete suggested package includes the required model(s) and extra teeth necessary for practice.  Some of the extra teeth include are provided to allow you to practice the Class II and Class III restorative procedures.

Additional teeth can be purchased by calling our office 800-414-8222 and placing an order or we will have teeth available for purchase at the course.